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A few words about this work:
A number of years of my spare time has gone into scanning, OCR'ing, checking and revising the Bushnell book. It's certainly not complete and never will be, but I just couldn't wait any longer to get it on the web and available to anyone who needs it. I believe that it's much more accurate and useful than the original. I will continue to upload changes as I make them.

A little about my editing philosophy:
Format - I tried to maintain the book's general format. I wanted the page numbers to be the same, but I wasn't able to match the font or line numbers exactly. The page numbers given in the indices will generally match the pages of a printed copy of the book. However there are many page number mistakes in the original. Where page numbers were duplicated, I added page numbers with "a" or "b" after them to distinguish them. I broke the book into a number of parts to make it easier to edit, print, upload, etc.

Colors - Black text is text that has been scanned in, OCR'ed, proofread and edited to match the original. I fully admit that there are still numerous errors that I plan to correct as I discover them or they are brought to my attention. Strikethroughs are from the original text.

Red text indicates changes that I've made. These are typically additions or revisions I made to common words or names, i.e. obvious errors. Where I could, I tried to verify the change with another source besides the book. I tried not to delete anything. If something seemed wrong and I couldn't determine what was correct, I usually just marked it with a red question mark. Where the same name appears in more than one place with different spellings, I tried to include all of the variations wherever the name appeared using "or" between them. I also tried to match the original text to the first variation in the "or" list.

Blue text indicates additions that came from an addendum that was included with the copy of the book I have and was not part of the original publication.

Background highlighting indicates text still in work. Try to ignore it. Yellow usually means I have questions about the text, spelling, validity or whatever. Green is used where I am currently verifying something. These are just markers for my own use.

I plan to keep this a work-in-progress. I will continue to make revisions as I gather information from other sources. I'd be pleased to make revisions based on your comments with one stipulation: Any additions/changes suggested must be based on a primary source such as a birth/death/marriage certificate or similar. I consider this book like a sacred text and I don't want to disrespect the original author by cluttering it with litter.


Irv Bushnell


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